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Measurement of the light-band-widening with LaserCam_hs

LaserCam_hs (hs=high speed) is a powerful, laser-based measuring instrument for automated measurement and documentation of the light-bandwidening of headlights due to the action of vehicle vibrations.

LaserCam_hs uses the customer's vibration control system which normally consists of a control PC, an oscillation generator and a shaker or hydropulser.

After a short measurement time the LaserCam- Software provides deflection/frequency- or tilt angle/frequency-graphs which show the oscillating response of the test object.

Example video



  • Optical high-speed sensor
  • Integrated high-performance processor
  • Automatic measurement
  • Measurement of tilting movement and pivoting
  • Status light for convenient monitoring of operating state
  • Measurement data transmission , evaluation and results display in real time
  • Analysis Tools, Auto-Play-Function
  • Retrievable vibration patterns for each frequency step of 0,1 Hz
  • Result in deflection/frequency- or tilt angle/frequency graphs
  • Freely definable tolerance limits over the whole frequency range incl. store an load function
  • Comprehensive documentation functions
  • All result data printable
  • Integrated File Management



LaserCam_hs (high speed)